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Robert James Russell

Writer, editor, publisher / author of Don’t Ask Me to Spell It Out and Mesilla

J Alan Montrose’s “The Pick-Up Game” is an engaging, impeccably-paced story. His writing is strong yet vulnerable, and here he finds levity in the darkness, compassion in the most dour of times—this is truly something wonderful.

Victoria Gosling

Editor / The Reader Berlin

I first saw this story as part of a larger manuscript that was one of the most promising I've seen. This story gives you a flavour of it. Montrose is a writer of talent and his work is the real deal. Long after you've read it, you'll still be wondering about the game between Fallon and Lieutenant Colonel Bugs. But my original question remains: when is the book coming out?


J Alan Montrose is the nom de guerre for fiction written by Jeff Montrose, an Iraq War veteran, scholar, author, and expatriate living in Germany. His short stories and flash fiction have been featured in several publications including The Chattahoochee Review, War, Literature, and the Arts, Knee Jerk, Cheap Pop, and others. Inspired by his experiences in Iraq, Montrose’s fiction primarily reflects the human drama, absurdity, humor, and catastrophe that characterized the war in Iraq.

Born and raised in Carson City, Nevada, Montrose enlisted in the US Army at the age of 17. After severing several years in airborne infantry and long range surveillance units, he attended the University of Georgia, Athens where he studied international relations. Upon graduation he was commissioned as an infantry officer.

After his deployment to Iraq he left the military and studied at the University of Hamburg, Germany where he earned a post graduate Master’s degree in Peace and Security Studies. He lectures on U.S. foreign and security policy at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt and teaches leadership and business studies at the Ingolstadt School of Management, one of Germany’s top business schools.

He is currently at work on his first novel.

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short stories and flash fiction

“Without my Consent” in The Chattahoochee Review Winter 2007

“Plastic Ivan” in Knee Jerk August 2010

“Hourglass” in Subterranean Quarterly 2013

“Orders” in War, Literature, and the Arts Vol. 26 2014

“Avoidences” in Cheap Pop October 2014

The Pick-Up Game” April 2015

The Trans-o-lator” in The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society July 2015


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